Teens have many reasons for trying to gain muscle or lose fat. Whether you want to get big and strong for sports, or whether you want to just look good for the opposite sex, the pressure to excel is enormous. Luckily, a great way to accomplish these goals while building self esteem and avoiding drugs and alcohol, is to take up bodybuilding.

Do teens need supplements? No. You can still get great results just by working out hard and eating right. Supplements will help you get faster results though. Choosing the right supplements for you will make the difference.

Teens need to also be careful not to take supplements that mess with their hormones. A teen doesn't need to worry about increasing their testosterone or growth hormone since their levels are already high enough. In fact, you can cause damage to your body by taking certain products. Don't waste your money!
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learn the basics of teen bodybuilding, if you are a beginner, see the best teen bodybuilders in histiory especially the top 5